SigmaSoft is proud to offer a refreshed Mobile App experience for Cherwell Service Management which will enable your mobile workforce to reach new levels of productivity. With sigmaGO you can update records, coordinate with coworkers — all from your mobile device.

sigmaGO connects directly to your Cherwell instance and works with both Cherwell hosted and on-premise implementations. sigmaGO is fast, easy to use solution that is designed to work seamlessly with Cherwell.
sigmaGO offers your mobile workforce the ability to perform faster, enhance customer service capabilities and reduce overall costs with power of mobile connectivity by:

  • Increasing Productivity         
  • Convenient Access
  • Allowing Customer Engagement
  • And is Customizable
  • User Friendly Interface

Here are some of the things your users can do with the sigmaGO Cherwell Mobile App:

  • Improve your SLA performance
  • Enable your technicians upload visual proof of work and automatically invoice upon closing their calls.
  • Perform actions on any ticket! Add journal entries, close tickets, create new tickets and much more including running One-Steps
    • Run One-Steps, including One-Steps with Prompts
  • Take photos and screenshots via mobile device attach them to tickets
  • Receive ‘Push Notifications’ from Cherwell on phones which bring users directly into a record that requires attention or approval
  • Manage Approvals and leave approval or denial comments
  • Work tickets and requests assigned to directly to you or your team
    • Including reassignments
    • Updating status’s

As a Cherwell Partner, we are entrusted with maintaining Cherwell’s high standards of service and product excellence.

sigmaGO Key Features

Journal and Activity Stream

View or post comments on an individual record.


Quickly and easily filter your requests

Live Chat

Chat functionality within the Mobile App

Push Notifications

Receive device level notifications


Ability to add and view attachments


View, approve, deny and abstain approvals

Record Details

When you open a record, you see the details for that individual record

User Friend Interface

Simple and sleek interface which allows for users to quickly navigate to key information with ease

Quick Navigation

Predefined Queues for quick handling of searches and workloads. This included a General Search, create Tickets, assigned Tickets for current user and current team, pending Approvals and much more.

Application home page

When you log in to sigmaGO you see the application home page where you can quickly access any one of your assigned Incident, Requests, Tasks and Approvals.


  • Users log in with their existing Cherwell credentials
  • Allows for Active Directory login
  • Offers fingerprint login

sigmaGO for End-Users

• Create and access Incidents
• Technician contact information
• Surveys
• Upload Attachments
• Approvals
• Password Reset

sigmaGO for Technicians

• Full featured searching
• Tasks and Approvals
• Team Queues
• Manage Attachments
• Contact Manager
• Work Incidents
• Journal Notes
• Notifications
• Real Time Chat

Get Start Now

You can download sigmaGO App for Apple iOS or Google Android from the iTunes Store or the Google Play store.


Getting started with the mobile app by viewing our videos that provide an introduction to mobile capabilities at